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For Sale here are some fine and collectable Mount Everest  Books including expeditions by George Leigh Mallory, Eric Shipton, Edmund Hillary & others George Leigh Mallory Reconnaissance 1921 Mount Everest Books: Mount Everest Mountaineering books: Mountain Books: for sale, rare, secondhand and new: since 1976 Mountaineering books bought and sold. Collections purchased.


Mount Everest Books For Sale including fine and collectable books  by George Leigh Mallory 1921, Eric Shipton, Mount Everest & Edmund Hillary.

LES ALPES LIVRES The Art & Literature of Mountains and Mountaineering. Mount Everest Books: Mountaineering books old, new and rare for sale and purchased: Mountain books: Mountain Art: Mountain Paintings

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Invest in a Rare Mountaineering Book or Mountain Painting

Mount Everest books. Mountaineering books For Sale and Mountain books for sale. Huge choice of mountaineering books : Probably the largest selection of the best MOUNTAINEERING books and mountain paintings and engravings for sale anywhere. Mount Everest 1921 George Leigh Mallory and Mount Everest 1935 led by Eric Shipton. Mount Everest ephemera are also a speciality.

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Mountaineering Books for sale. Mountaineers have always written of their adventure in mountaineering books. Edward Whymper was the first to climb the Matterhorn. Paccard and Balmat reached the summit of  Mont Blanc in 1786. But it was Albert Smith who introduced the public to the wonders of mountaineering.  Before the formation of the Alpine Club he alone performed the Mont Blanc Sideshow until 1860, having  ascended the mountain in 1851. Mountain books from the Golden Age.

 The sometimes dangerous exploration of mountains and the history of mountaineering has been recorded in literature since the beginning and continues to this day. Many mountain books published over the years are available for sale here.  If you cannot find the mountaineering books that you are looking for me then please contact me.

Huge selection of Mount Everest Mountaineering Books - Old, New and Secondhand. - Authors include : Lieut.-Col. Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury, George Leigh Mallory, John Noel, A.F.R. Wollaston, Charles Granville Bruce, Theodore Howard Somervell, George Ingle Finch, John Baptist Lucius Noel, George Ingle Finch, Lt. Col. Edward Norton, Sir Francis Younghusband, Hugh Ruttledge, Michael Spender, Frank Sidney Smythe, Harold William Tilman, Bip Pares, Eric Shipton, André Roch, Leslie Vickery Bryant (Dan), Chevalley G., Dittert R. & Lambert, Alfred Gregory, John (Brigadier Sir, C.B.E., D.S.O.) Hunt, James (Jan) Morris, Bill Murray, Wilfrid Noyce, Norgay Sherpa Tenzing, Charles Evans, Edmund Percival Hillary, James Ramsay Ullman, Jennifer Bourdillon, George Lowe, Dennis Roberts, Tom Stobart, Thomas F. Hornbein, David Robertson, Peter Steele, Michael Ward, Chris Bonington, Walt Unsworth, Raymond Greene, Doug Scott, Norgay Sherpa Tenzing, Charles Clarke, Ronnie Faux, Peter Habeler, Reinhold Messner, Joe Tasker, Tom Holzel, Audrey Salkeld, Stephen Venables, Dudley Green, Peter Gillman, Rebecca Stephens, Showell Styles, Anatoli Boukreev, Jon Krakauer, David Breashears, Jochen Hemmleb, Ed Webster, George Band and Tony Astill.

Authors of Mount Everest Books Himalayan Mountaineering Books by Herman Buhl, Kurt Diemburger, Filippo de Filippi, Maurice Herzog, Edmund Hillary, John Hunt, Frank Kingdon-Ward, Chris Bonington, Pete Boardman, Reinhold Messner, Joe Tasker, Lionel Terray, H.W. Bill Tilman, Doug Scott

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Les Alpes Livres - Mountains and Mountaineering in Art & Literature.

Tony Astill proprietor and specialist dealer of mountaineering books and mountain paintings with over 40 years experience.

The range of old books for sale here is probably the most extensive anywhere, especially Alpine classics written by early British mountaineers who formed and became the Alpine Club. Men such as Edward Whymper, Alfred Wills, T.W. Hinchliff.

Of all the Mont Blanc narratives A Narrative of an Ascent to The Summit of Mont Blanc 21st. September 1853 by John MacGregor was not published at the time and so I have recently privately published a limited edition of 200 copies which are complimented by fine art prints of the rare Baxter oil prints of the ascent.  

Here also is the largest selection of mountain paintings and mountain art for sale. All mountain ranges, from the Alps to the Himalaya, are represented. Mont Blanc and Chamonix, the Matterhorn and Zermatt, the Bernese Oberland, the mountains of North Wales, the Lake District and Scotland too, by artists E.T. Compton, Elijah Walton, J.-A. Linck, George Barnard, J. Bleuler, Gabriel Loppe, F. Sommer and many others.

Specialist mountaineering bookshop with many rare, secondhand and new mountaineering books for sale,

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Mountaineering Books - rare and fine Alpine mountaineering books of the Alps, Switzerland, views of Mont Blanc, Mountain Books Matterhorn, Libri Montagna Cervin, Alpinismus Bücher Berge Bernese Oberland, Dolomites mountaineering books, gravure Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa Libri.

Mountaineering Books - rare and fine Alpine mountaineering books of the Alps, Switzerland, views of Mont Blanc, Mountain Books Matterhorn, Libri Montagna,

Libri Cervin, Alpinismus Bergbücher Bernese Oberland, Dolomiti Libri, mountaineering books, gravure Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa Libri.

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Mount Everest Books .

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MOUNT EVEREST BOOKS The Assualt on Mount Everest 1922

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It was usual for the leader to write the expedition book, but one not written in it's own time was that of the Mount Everest Reconnaissance 1935 led by Eric Shipton. This was corrected when Tony Astill wrote and published the book of this ‘Forgotten Adventure’ which won the coveted James Monroe Thorington Award for Best Book Mountaineering History at the Banff Mountain Festival 2006.

Climbing Mount Everest became an obsession of the nation in the 1920's and when Mallory and Irvine lost their lives an inexhaustible interest was created about the highest mountain in the world, first ascended  in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.

MOUNT EVEREST 1921 BOOKS エベレストの本 Eric Shipton MOUNT EVEREST BOOKS 1935 エベレストの本 Mount Everest Books Everest is Climbed Mount Everest Books Reconnaissance 1921 George Leigh Mallory Mount Everest Books Reconnaissance 1935

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Mount Everest Books Reconnaissance 1935 T.H. Somervell Mount Everest Paintings Mount Everest Paintings - SOLD Mount Everest Paintings (West Ridge from the North).

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Mount Everest Books Hillary Tenzing George Mallory Book

Gravure, engravings of Mountains, lithographs

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Mallory Mount Everest 1921 photograph owned by Eric Shipton MONT BLANC BOOKS. H W Tilman Mount Everest 1938 Edmund Hillary High Adventure Coronation Everest JAmes Morris I'll Climb Mount Everest Alone The Ascent of Everest SIGNED COPY