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Himalayan Mountaineering Books for sale : Mount Everest Books : Mountaineering books : old and new mountaineering books for sale

8418 Bauer P. HIMALAYAN QUEST. The German Expeditions to Siniolchum, Nanga Parbat  Nicholson & Watson. 1938 1st.  pp150.  96 plates. 3 maps.  Near Fine -. in dw £65

8264 Bonington C. BRITISH K2 EXPEDITION.   1978 1st.  pp12.  illus. with portraits of the expedition members. cold. pict. printed card wrappers. SIGNED by Chris Bonington, Doug Scott and Paul 'Tut' Braithwaite. extremely rare and with the Sponsor and Supporter peel off window stickers. Fine.  

8333 Bruce Hon. Brig.-Gen. C.G. HIMALAYAN WANDERER.   Maclehose. 1934 1st.  pp309.  frontis. 21 illus. orig. cloth. Near Fine.  £125

8406 Buhl H. NANGA PARBAT PILGRIMAGE. A Mountainer's Autobigraphy.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1956 1st.  pp360.  illus. frontis. port. 3 maps. blue cloth. Very Good -. in laser copy dw £75

8408 Evans C. KANGCHENJUNGA THE UNTRODDEN PEAK.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1956 1st.  pp187.  5 cold. 32 mono plates. 2 maps. 5 diagrams. SIGNED by the first summiteers, George BAND, Norman HARDIE (tipped in)* and Tony STREATHER. Fine -. in dw £

7719 Filippi F. de. KARAKORAM AND WESTERN HIMALAYA 1909: An Account of the Expedition of H.R.H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy  Constable & Co.  1912 1st.  pp469.  36 plates, photos by Vittorio Sella. original half vellum decorated in gilt, but spoilt with label mark. uncut. t.e.g. the internal condition is fine. Very Good-  £645

8310 Freshfield D.W. ROUND KANGCHENJUNGA. A Narrative of Mountain Travel and Exploration.  Edward Arnold.  1903 1st.  pp373.  frontispiece and panorama by Vittorio Sella. 40 plates. 3 maps, cold. fold. original red cloth gilt. a little rubbed and darkened by age, but an attractive copy of a rare book. Very Good.  £495

8380 Gillman P. & L. THE WILDEST DREAM Mallory - His Life and Conflicting Passions  Headline.  2000 1st.  pp306.  12pp. of b/w illus. Signed by the Author. Very Good -. in dw £25

8375 Hall L. DEAD LUCKY. Life After Death on Mount Everest.  Tarcher/Penguin.  2007 1st. U.S.  pp309.  16pp of cold. illus. sketch map.  Near Fine -. in dw £15

8319 Marshall R. K2 LIES AND TREACHERY.   Carreg.  2009 1st.  pp232.  illus. signed by the author. New in dw £35

8265 Noyce W. MICHAEL ANGELO. A Poem in twelve parts, with Epilogue.  Heinemann. 1953 1st.  pp71.  illus. by Richard Taylor.  Near Fine -. in dw £95

8294 Noyce W. ASCENT OF EVEREST 1953.   Himalayan Committee.  1953 1st.  pp16.  The scarce illustrated 'booklet' published to accompany the Everest Lectures, with a message from Prince Philip. Patron, British Mount Everest Expedition, 1953. Not in 'Neate'. The FIRST edition which has 2 extra full page illus. 'Ice pinnacle on the Khumbu Glacier' and 'Lowe on the ridge from the South Col en route to the final camp'. These are replaced by further advertisements in the subsequent edition. SIGNED by George Band and Michael Westmacott. Near Fine.  £185

8311 Shipton E. BLANK ON THE MAP.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1938 1st.  pp280.  frontis. 49 illus. 3 maps [1 fold.] Bip Pares illus. head and tail pieces. orig. cloth. Near Fine. in laser copy dw £495

8347 Skrede W. ACROSS THE ROOF OF THE WORLD.   Staples Press.  1954 1st.  pp255.  21 illus. e.p. maps. sp. faded. Very Good -.  £35

8444 Tatchell Mac THE CONQUEST OF MOUNT EVEREST. Hillary and Tensing within sight of their goal.  Macmillan's History Pictures.  1953 1st.  cold. pictorial poster for schools.    

8409 Terray L. CONQUISTADORS OF THE USELESS. From the Alps to Annapurna.  Gollancz. 1963 1st.  pp351.  80 photos. sketch maps. covers faded. Good. in laser copy dw £55

8402 Tucker J. KANCHENJUNGA. foreword by Brig. Sir John Hunt.  Elek Books.  1955 1st.  pp224.  illus. and sketch maps. SIGNED by summiteers, George Band, Tony Streather and Norman Hardie*. cloth spot patches as usual. Very Good -. in laser copy dw £125

8448 Venables S. A SLENDER THREAD. Escaping disaster in the Himalaya.  Hutchinson.  2000 1st.  pp208.  cold. illus. Signed by the author. Fine. in dw £55

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The HIMALAYAN JOURNAL, The Records of The Himalayan Club.  1933 - 2008   many illus. and maps, diagrams &c. please ask for further details. Also available recent and current nos.The Himalayan Journal for sale. Mount Everest Books for sale.

Himalayan mountaineering books Eric Shipton by Peter Steele The Himalayan Journal 2009 HOME. A Slender Thread Stephen Venables Himalayan Mountaineering Books Everest Books Mount Everest mountaineering books Sandy Irvine Diaries Mountaineering Books Everest Books Mount Everest mountaineering books Tenzing Tiger of the Snows Everest Books Mount Everest mountaineering books H W Tilman Mountaineering Books Mountaineering Books

1 Adams A. and Newhall N. THIS IS THE AMERICAN EARTH.   Sierra Club. 1960 4th.  pp90.  many fine b/w photographic illus. by Ansell Adams and others. Folio. Exhibit-Format Series.  Very Good- £32

2 Ahluwalia H.P.S. HIGHER THAN EVEREST.  Memoirs of a Mountaineer.  Vikas. 1973 1st.  pp188.  b/w illus. e.p. route photos. ex-lib. r.s.m. in dw Very Good- £24

3 Alasonatti G. STAUNINGS ALPS '82 (Groenlandia Orientale)   1982   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 7 team members. 2 Gronland stamps.   Very Good £35

4 Alletto F. GROENLANDIA OCCIDENTALE 1981 PENISOLA DI AKULIARUSEQ CAI Lima  1981   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 7 team members. 1 Gronland stamp.   Very Good £40

5 Allworth (Ed.) E. CENTRAL ASIA 120 Years of Russian Rule. Duke University Press. 1987 1st. pp606. many text figs. orig. cloth.  Near Fine £24

6 Ambolt N. KARAVAN. Travels in Eastern Turkestan. Blackie. 1939 1st. pp191. frontis. and 7 cold. plates. 55 b/w. illus. orig. black cloth gilt.  Very Good- £35

7 Ament P. & McCarty C. HIGH OVER BOULDER.   Pruett. Boulder.  1970 2nd.  pp367.  many illus. orig. wrappers.  Very Good £12

8 Amery L.S. IN THE RAIN AND THE SUN.   Hutchinson. 1946 1st.  pp252.  cold. frontis. 32 illus. sketch map. ex R.C. library labels.  Very Good- £7

9 Anderson J.R.L. HIGH MOUNTAINS AND COLD SEAS. a Biography of H.W. Tilman.  Gollancz. 1980 1st.  pp366.  many illus. 15 maps. long gift insc. on f.e.p. in dw Very Good- £40

10 Anon.  NATURES WONDERS. Pictures of Remarkable Scenes in Foreign Lands.  T. Nelson. 1899   pp120.  21 plates inc. Needles of MONT BLANC. orig. cloth a bit grubby.  Good £20

11 Appassiti V. 1979 - 1989 DECENNALE FONDAZIONE trekking alpinistico. Ande Ecuadoriane.   1989   Expedition postcard with 2 Ecuador stamp signed 19 team members.   Very Good £25

12 Astill T. MOUNT EVEREST : The Reconnaissance 1935. 'The Forgotten Adventure'. Privately Published by the Author. December 2005 1st.  pp 380.  128 photographic illustrations. 10 new maps. [3 fold.] foreword by John Hunt, introduction by Sir Edmund Hillary. SIGNED by the Author.  Winner James Monroe Thorington award for best book in mountaineering history at Banff 2006.  hardback [235 x 185] Michael Spender photogrammetric survey of the North Face of Everest on the unique 'double'  in dw New £40

13 Azema M.A. THE CONQUEST OF FITZROY.   Andre Deutsch.  1957 1st.  pp237.  frontis. 18 illus.  in dw Very Good £30

14 Bagchi P.C. INDIA AND CENTRAL ASIA.  National Council of Education, Bengal. 1955 1st. pp184. fold. map. printed wrappers.  Very Good- £24

15 Ballard J. ONE AND TWO HALVES TO K2. The Journey of Alison Hargreaves' Family to K2.  BBC Books.  1996 1st.  pp208.  cold. illus. maps. Signed by  in p/c dw Near Fine. £18

16 Banks M. MOUNTAINEERING FOR BEGINNERS.   Seeley, Service & Co.  1977 1st.  pp92.  37 illus. cold. pict. boards.  Near Fine £12

17 Banks M. RAKAPOSHI.   Secker & Warburg. 1959 1st.  pp238.  cold. frontis. 35 illus. 3 maps. orig. red cloth. in dw Very Good- £24

18 Barbolini C. EL CHALTEN '85 (Fitz Roy m. 3441)   1985   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by6 team members. 2 Argentina stamps.   Very Good £40

19 Barry J. K2 SAVAGE MOUNTAIN SAVAGE SUMMER.   O.U.P. 1987 rpt.  pp187. cold. illus. diagrams. maps.  cold. pict. card. in in dw Very Good £24

20 Barry J. THE GREAT CLIMBING ADVENTURE.   Oxford Illustrated Press.  1985 1st.  pp251.  cold. illus.  in dw Very Good £15

21 Bauer P. KANCHENJUNGA CHALLENGE.    William Kimber.  1955 1st.  pp202.  frontis. 11 illus. e.p. maps. Foreword by Brigadier Sir John Hunt.  Near Fine- £40

22 Baughan B.E. THE FINEST WALK IN THE WORLD.   Whitcombe & Tombs.  [1927] 3rd.  pp52 frontis. 21 illus. map. orig. velvet calf. worn.  Very Good- £28

23 Baume L. SIVALAYA. The 8000 - metre peaks of the Himalaya.  Gastons - West Col.  1978 1st.  pp316.  frontis. map diagrams. some red underlining throughout. dw Very Good- £20

24 Bechtold F. NANGA PARBAT ADVENTURE. A Himalayan Expedition.  John Murray. 1935 rpt.  pp93.  80 plates. 3 maps. cloth sl. marked.  Very Good- £20

25 Bechtold F. NANGA PARBAT ADVENTURE. A Himalayan Expedition.  John Murray. 1935 1st.  pp93.  80 plates. 3 maps. insc. by Iain H. Ogilvie.  Very Good £25

26 Bell C. PORTRAIT OF THE DALAI LAMA.   Collins.   1946 1st.  pp414.  49 illus. 2 maps. orig. cloth gilt.   Very Good- £75

27 Bell Sir C. TIBET. Past & Present. Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1924 1st. pp326. 3 cold, 68 b/w half-tone illus. 2 maps [fold.] orig. blue cloth gilt.  Very Good £175

28 Bensen J. SOUVENIRS FROM HIGH PLACES.    Mitchell Beazley.  1998 1st. pp144. cold. and b/w illus.   in dw New £18

29 Bergamaschi A. GREENLAND 76 SPEDIZIONE Scientifico - Esplorativo - Alpinistica della VAL RENDENA   1976   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 9 team members. 1 Gronland stamp.   Very Good £30

30 Bhanja Dr. K.C. DARJEELING AT A GLANCE.   Oxford Book & Stationery Co.  1942 2nd.  pp153. 12 illus. orig. printed paper wrappers.   Very Good £28

31 Bhanja Dr. K.C. WONDERS OF DARJEELING AND THE SIKKIM HIMALAYA.   Gilbert & Co. Darjeeling. 1944 June. 2nd.  pp198.  10 illus. orig. printed paper wrappers.  scarce.   Very Good- £30

32 Blessed B. BLESSED EVEREST.   Salamandar Books.  1995 1st.  pp160.  many cold. & b/w illus. Signed by Brian Blessed. in dw As New £30

33 Blessed B. THE TURQUOISE MOUNTAIN.   Bloomsbury. 1991 1st.  pp217.  cold. photos  in dw Fine £12

34 Boardman P. THE SHINING MOUNTAIN. Two men on Changabang's West Wall.  Leisure Circle. 1978   pp192.  12 cold. & 15 b/w illus. 2 diagrams. Signed by Chris Bonington. in dw Near Fine £45

35 Boell J. HIGH HEAVEN.   Elek. 1947 1st.  pp126.  32 photos. 10 diagrams.  in dw Very Good £12

36 Bohn D. GLACIER BAY. The Land and the Silence.  Sierra Club. 1967 1st.  pp165.  many fine coloured and b/w photographic plates. e.p. map. Exhibit-Format Series. in dw Very Good- £45

37 Bonington C. ANNAPURNA SOUTH FACE.   Cassell.  1971 1st.  pp334.  60 cold. illus. panorama. 2 maps. Signed by Chris Bonington. lacks f.e.p. in dw Very Good-. £38

38 Bonington C. ANNAPURNA SOUTH FACE.   B.C.A.  1971 2nd.  pp334.  60 cold. illus. panorama. 2 maps. Signed by Chris Bonington. in dw Fine £40

39 Bonington C. EVEREST THE HARD WAY. Foreword by Lord Hunt.  Hodder & Stoughton. 1980 rpt.  pp239.  85 cold. illus. 13 maps and diagrams.  in dw Near Fine £10

40 Bonington C. I CHOSE TO CLIMB.   Victor Gollancz Ltd. 1966 2nd. imp.   pp207.  frontis. 43 illus.   Near Fine- £26

41 Bonington C. MOUNTAINEER.  Thirty Years of Climbing on the World's Great Peaks.   Diadem.   1990 rpt.  pp192.  many cold. illus.    in dw Very Good £18

42 Bonington C. QUEST FOR ADVENTURE.   Book Club Associates.  1982   pp448.  many cold. & b/w illus. diagrams etc. Signed by Chris Bonington. in dw Fine £35

43 Bonington C. THE EVEREST YEARS. A Climber's Life.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1986 1st.  pp256.  many cold. and b/w plates. maps and profiles. Signed by the Author. in dw Fine £40

44 Bonington C. THE NEXT HORIZON. Autobiography II.  Victor Gollancz. 1973 1st.  pp304.  cold. & many b/w plates. maps & diagrams. Signed by Chis Bonington. in dw Good £15

45 Bonington C. & Clark C. EVEREST. The Unclimbed Ridge.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1983 1st.  pp132.  many cold. and b/w plates. ex-lib. r.s.m. Signed by Chris Bonington. in dw Very Good- £24

46 Bonington C. & Knox-Johnson R. SEA, ICE AND ROCK.   Hodder & Stoughton.  1st.  pp143.  many cold. and b/w plates.  in dw New £14

47 Bonney T.G. VOLCANOES. Their Structure and Significance.  John Murray.  1899 1st.  pp351.  13 plates inc. map and 21 text. illus. orig. cloth gilt dull. pres. stamp copy from the Publisher.  Very Good- £40

48 Bosshard W. HAZARDS OF ASIA'S HIGHLANDS AND DESERTS.  Figurehead. (Pioneer Series)  [1930] 1st. pp139. 15 illus. 2 maps. orig. cloth faded.  Very Good- £48

49 Boulger D.C. THE INVASIONS OF INDIA FROM CENTRAL ASIA.  Richard Bentley & Son 1879 1st. pp344.  recased in orig. cloth gilt. worn and label removed.  Good £75

50 Bourdillon J. VISIT TO THE SHERPAS.   Collins.  1956 1st.  pp256.  frontis. 11 illus. prize label.  in dw Near Fine £15

51 Bowie N. MICK BOWIE The Hermitage Years  A.H. & A.W. Reed.  1969 1st.  pp195.  illus. and e.p. maps  in dw Fine £16

52 Bowley G. NO WAY DOWN. Life and Death on K2.  Harper.  2010 1st. U.S.  pp253.  cold. illus.  in dw New £20

53 Bowman W.E. THE ASCENT OF RUM DOODLE.   The Vanguard Press. N.Y.  1956 1st. U.S.  pp141.  16 illus. in photogravure.   Very Good £24

54 Boyd E.S. MANY COLOURED MOUNTAINS AND SOME SEAS BETWEEN.   John Long.  1911 1st.  pp259.  cold. frontis. and 7 illus. lacks f.e.p. orig. cloth gilt. sp. faded. SIGNED copy from the Author. 1912.  Very Good- £45

55 Braham T. HIMALAYAN ODYSSEY.   Allen & Unwin Ltd.  1974 1st. pp243. 32 photo illus. and 14 maps.  un-pc dw Near Fine- £25

56 Breashears D. and Salkeld D. LAST CLIMB. The Legendary Everest Expeditions of George Mallory.  National Geographic.  1999 1st.  pp240.  many cold. and b/w illus. Signed by Audrey Salkeld. in dw Near Fine £20

57 Brongersma L.D. TO THE MOUNTAINS OF THE STARS.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1962 1st.  pp318.  48 cold. and b/w plates. 23 drawings and maps.  in dw Near Fine £30

58 Brontman L. ON TOP OF THE WORLD. The Soviet Expedition to the North Pole 1937.  Victor Gollancz. 1938 1st.  pp420.  frontis. 60 illus. fold. map. orig. cloth gilt.  Very Good £16

59 Brook Northey, Maj. W. and Morris Capt. C.J. THE GURKHAS.  Their Manners, Customs and Country.   John Lane.  1928 1st.  pp282.  with many illus. from photographs and a map [fold.] f.e.p. missing. orig. green cloth gilt. uncut.   Very Good- £95

60 Brower K. EARTH AND THE GREAT WEATHER. The Brooks Range.  Friends of the Earth.  1971 1st.  pp188.  59 cold. plates. Exhibit-Format Series. in dw Near Fine £35

61 Brown P. PICTURESQUE NEPAL.   Adam and Charles Black.  1912 1st.  pp205.  2 cold. plates. 40 full page photo illus. map. orig. dec. cloth. f.e.p. missing.  Very Good- £45

62 Brown P. TOURS IN SIKHIM AND THE DARJEELING DISTRICT.   W. Newman & Co. Ltd.  1944 4th. rev. and ed. with additions by Joan Townend.   pp188.  frontis. contours & map. orig. printed paper wrappers.   Very Good £35

63 Bruce Maj. the Hon. C.G. TWENTY YEARS IN THE HIMALAYA.   Edward Arnold.  1910 1st.  pp331.  with 60 illus. (1 fold. panorama) and fold. map. bound in ex. Belfast library blue buckram with label and sp. nos. A rare book.  Good £220

64 Bryant (Dan) L.V. NEW ZEALANDERS AND EVEREST. with a foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary.  A.H. & A.W. Reed.  1953 1st.  pp48.  21 illus. map. orig. photo pict. wrappers.  Very Good £50

65 Burdsall R.L. MEN AGAINST THE CLOUDS. The Conquest of Minya Konka.  John Lane.  1935 1st.  pp272.  frontis. 46 illus. 8 maps and charts. e.p. maps half missing front. orig. mauve cloth faded as usual. no. on sp.  Good £45

66 Burlington Smith J. KANGCHENJUNGA AND THE SNOWY RANGE. Photographic Postcard  Darjeeling.  c1910   b/w image 8 x 13 cms. SIGNED by George Band on verso.   Very Good £45

67 Burns W.C., Shuttleworth F. and Wright  J.E.B. A SHORT MANUAL OF MOUNTAINEERING TRAINING.   The Mountaineering Association.  1953 3rd.  pp64.  illus. orig. pict. wrappers.  Very Good £15

68 Burrard Major G. BIG GAME HUNTING IN THE HIMALAYAS AND TIBET.  Herbert Jenkins 1925 1st. pp320. photo illus., 8 maps. orig. blue cloth gilt.  Very Good- £125

69 Busk D. THE DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS.   Hodder & Stoughton. 1946 1st.  pp274.  67 illus. 4 maps. [fold.]  in dw Near Fine £15

70 Busk D. THE FOUNTAIN OF THE SUN. Unfinished Journeys in Ethiopia and the Ruwenzori.  Max Parrish. 1957 1st.  pp240.  cold. frontis. 24 cold. illus., 20 b.w., 4 maps.   Very Good £24

71 C.A.I. Sezione Gorizia PERU EXPEDITION 2003 Pisco Alpamayo Huascaran  2003   Expedition postcard signed by leader and 7 team members. S/3.20 Peru stamp.   Near Fine £30

72 Cable and French, F. M. GEORGE HUNTER. Apostle of Turkestan. China Inland Mission. 1948 1st. pp108 frontis. portrait, 25 illus., e.p. maps. orig. cloth gilt. in dw Very Good £42

73 Calegari S. ANDE DEL PERU 1972 CORDIGLIERE AMPATO - CHILA CAI Bergamo  1972   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 4 team members. 1 Peru stamp.   Very Good £35

74 Calegari S. QUIMSA CRUZ 74 ANDE BOLIVIANE   1974   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 11 team members. 3 Bolivia stamps.   Very Good £40

75 Calegari S. VILCANOTA '82 NEVADO YAYAMARI - m 6.007 CAI Bergamo  1982   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 14 team members. 2 Peru stamps.   Very Good £45

76 Cameron I. MOUNTAIN OF THE GODS.   Facts On File Publications. New York.  1984 1st. U.S.  pp248.  with many b.w. and cold. illus. maps, diagrams.  in dw Very Good £18

77 Candler E. THE MANTLE OF THE EAST.  William Blackwood 1910 1st. pp321. frontis. 16 illus. orig. green cloth pict. gilt.  Very Good- £34

78 Candler E. YOUTH AND THE EAST. An Unconventional Autobiography. William Blackwood and Sons. 1924 1st. pp331.  orig. blue cloth gilt.  Very Good £35

79 Cannan J. ITHURIELS' HOUR.   Hodder and Stoughton.  1933 rpt. Feb.  pp320.  Himalayan mountaineering novel. ex-lib. r.s.m. f.e.p. missing. torn and partly missing in dw Very Good- £24

80 Carl L. and Petit J. TEFEDEST. Journey to the Heart of the Sahara.   George Allen & Unwin Ltd.  1954 1st.  pp253.  frontis. illus. 2 maps. ex-lib. labels of The Geographical Association. in dw Very Good- £14

81 Caroe O. THE PATHANS. 550 B.C.-A.D. 1957   Macmillan. 1958 1st. pp521. frontis. 15 plates. orig. blue cloth gilt.  Near Fine £55

82 Case R.O. & V. LAST MOUNTAINS. The Story of the Cascades.  Binford & Mort, Portland Or.  1945 1st.  pp236.  16 pages of photographs.  in dw Near Fine £15

83 Casewit C.W. THE MOUNTAIN WORLD.   Random House. U.S.  1976 1st.  pp251.  very many cold. and b/w illus.  in dw Very Good £10

84 Cazzaniga G. THE GREENLAND SKIING CROSSIN CENTENARY   1988   pictorial Expedition postcard printed signatures of team members. 1 Gronland stamp.   Very Good £25

85 Chapman F. Spencer HELVELLYN TO HIMALAYA.   Including an Account of the First Ascent of Chomolhari.   Chatto & Windus.  1940 1st.  pp285.  47 illus. fold. map.  orig. cloth faded as usual.   Very Good- £46

86 Chapman F.S. LIGHTEST AFRICA.   Chatto & Windus.  1955 1st.  pp288.  23 cold. plates & frontis. 16 mono plates. map.  in dw Near Fine £14

87 Chapman F.S. LIVING DANGEROUSLY.    Chatto & Windus.  1953 3rd.  pp190.  frontis. 14 plates. 2 maps.    Very Good £8

88 Chapman F.S. MEMOIRS OF A MOUNTAINEER. Helvellyn to Himalaya & Lhasa: The Holy City.  R.S. 1945 rpt.  pp446.  illus. e.p. map.   Very Good- £4

89 Chapman F.S. MEMOIRS OF A MOUNTAINEER. Helvellyn to Himalaya & Lhasa: The Holy City.  Chatto & Windus.  1951 rpt.  pp446.  illus. fold. map.  in dw Very Good £8

90 Chapman F.S. NORTHERN LIGHTS. British Arctic Air-Route Expedition.  Chatto & Windus.  1932 1st.  pp304.  with maps and 64 pages of plates. orig. cloth gilt. sp. faded and label nicked..  Very Good- £45

91 Child G. THIN AIR.  Encounters in the Himalayas.  Patrick Stephens.  1998 1st.  pp192.  many cold. illus.  in dw Very Good £20

92 Chinese Expedition.    A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD OF THE MOUNT JOLMO LUNGMA SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITION. (1966-1968)   Science Press.  1977 1st.  pp120.   with many illus. in colour and b/w. fold. panorama. e.p. map. plain wrappers with pict.  in dw Near Fine £40

93 Clark R.W. A PICTURE HISTORY OF MOUNTAINEERING.   Hulton Press.  1956 1st.  over 350 photo illus.    Very Good- £35

94 Clark R.W. MEN, MYTHS & MOUNTAINS. The Life & Times of Mountaineering.  Weidenfeld. 1976 1st.  pp292.  photographs, engravings and maps.  in dw Near Fine £12

95 Clark L. THE MARCHING WIND.   Hitchinson.  1955 1st.  pp347.  32 illus. 3 maps.   Good £8

96 Clark S. THE PUMA'S CLAW. The Cambridge Andean Expedition.  Hutchinson. 1959 1st.  pp223.  cold. frontis. illus. 4 maps.   Very Good £30

97 Clark R.W. THE TRUE BOOK ABOUT MOUNTAINEERING.   Frederick Muller. 1957 1st.  pp143.  frontis. and 12 illus. by F. Stocks May. ex-lib. label. in dw Very Good- £14

98 Cleare J. MOUNTAINEERING.   Blandford Press.  1980 1st.  pp169.  71 cold. photos. Signed by John Cleare. in dw Fine £25

99 Cleare J. MOUNTAINS.   Macmillan. 1975 1st.  pp256.  many cold. and b/w photos.  in dw Near Fine £14

100 Cleare J. THE WORLD GUIDE TO MOUNTAINS AND MOUNTAINEERING.   Mayflower. 1979 1st.  pp208.  U.S. many maps and colour & b/w photos. Signed by John Cleare. in dw Fine £35

101 Clinch N. A WALK IN THE SKY. Climbing Hidden Peak  Mountaineers. 1982 1st.  pp214.  cold. and b/w illus.  in dw Fine £25

102 Conefrey M. EVEREST 1953 The Epic Story of the First Ascent.  Oneworld.  2012 1st.  ppxiv + 332.  14 photo illus. 3 sketch maps. woodcut dec. e.p.'s orig. blue cloth gilt. Signed by the author. dw New. £30

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127 Evaristo A. EL CHALTEN Patagonia 1997 FITZ Roy 3441 m  Sez. CAI Bergamo 1997   Expedition postcard signed 7 team members.   Very Good £35

128 expedition cover  ALPAMAYO 79 (CORDILLERA BLANCA-PERU)   1979   pictorial Expedition postcard no. 169signed by 4 team members. 1 Peru stamp.   Very Good £35

129 expedition cover  BADEN-BADENER NUPTSE EXPEDITION '89   1989   Expedition postcard signed by leader and 5 team members. R3 Nepal Mt. Everest, R2 Mt. Lhotse and 25p Mt. Nuptse stamps.   Near Fine £45

130 expedition cover  BRITISH EXPEDITION TO THE PAMIRS. Addressed to Th. J. Gaston Esq., 13/14 Bishop's Court, London WC2 England.  1962    envelope with 2 Russian 2K and 4K stamps.  Very Good £45

131 expedition cover  CERRO TORRE ST. EXUPER FIT ROY CUMBRE 87   1987   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 3 team members. 1 Argentina stamp.   Very Good £35

132 expedition cover  DEUTSCHE HIMALAYA EXPEDITION 1977. Manaslu 8156m  1977    envelope with Makalu 75p. stamp.  Very Good £40

133 expedition cover  GERMAN HIMALAYA EXPEDITION 1977. MANASLU 8156m.   issued by The Nepal Philatelic Society.  1977    pictorial envelope with Manaslu 40p. stamp.  Near Fine £50

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135 expedition cover  K2 IL SUCCESSO ITALIANO CONTINUA.   2004   Expedition postcard signed by team member Paolo Confortona? Specially struck K2 Italian stamp.   Near Fine £30

136 expedition cover  OSTERREICHISCHE BERGFUHREREXPEDITION 2004 NANGA PARBAT 8125 5 Juni - 25 Juli  2004   Expedition postcard signed by leader and 7 team members. R20 and 2 Pakistan stamps.   Near Fine £45

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139 expedition cover  SPED. CITTA DI TORTONA GROENLAND 66   1966   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 6 team members. 3 Gronland stamps.   Very Good £30

140 expedition cover  THE ROYAL AIR FORCE MOUNTAINEERING ASSN. EXPEDITION TO GASHERBRUM.   1981   21st anniversary of the first ascent of Masherbrum British Postal Services postmark. pictorial envelope with 12p Queen Mother 80th Birthday stamp.  Very Good £45

141 expedition cover  TORRE SENZA NOME DEL FIORDO MAYO (Argentina - Lago Argentino)   1984   pictorial Expedition postcard signed by 7 team members. 2 Argentina stamps.   Very Good £45

142 expedition cover  'VISIT NEPAL' FIRST DAY COVER DATE 17-5-1973   1973    First Day of Issue 17-5-1973 pictorial envelope with 25p. Lumbini, R.1 Gorkha and 75p Mt. Makalu 8476M. stamps.  Very Good £30

143 expedition postcard  CENTENARIO DI FONDAZIONE DELLA SEZIONE DI GORIZIA DEL C.A.I. Al Cerro Mercedario  1981   Expedition postcard SIGNED by 10 team members.  with 2 Argentine stamps.  Very Good £50

144 expedition postcard  CUMBRIAN EVEREST EXPEDITION 1984.   1984   Expedition postcard SIGNED by 9 team members.  with 1 Chinese stamp postmark Lhasa.  Very Good £50

145 expedition postcard  DEUTSCH-OSTERREICHISCHE TIBET EXPEDITION 2004. Kailash/Gurla Mandata 7.694 m  2004   Expedition postcard SIGNED by team member Roland Maruna. with 1 Nepal stamp.  Very Good £20

146 expedition postcard  Die OSTERREICHISCHE HIMALAYA-EXPEDITION 1969.   1969   Expedition postcard SIGNED by 4 team members.  2 Nepal stamps.  Very Good £45

147 expedition postcard  HERRLICH GRUPEN DIE TEILNEHMER DER HIMALAYA JUBILAUMSKUNDFAHRT  der Bergsteigerschule Wilder Kaiser.  1976   Expedition postcard SIGNED by 4 team members.  with 1 Nepal Coronation stamp.  Very Good £45

148 expedition postcard  MAKALU EXPEDITION 1979 SWISS/GERMAN TEAM   Kathmandu 20 Nov. 1979  1979    pictorial envelope with Manaslu 75p. stamp.  Near Fine £45

149 expedition postcard  OSTERR. ALASKA EXPED. 1976. Mt. McKinley.   1976   Expedition postcard SIGNED by the leader and 5 team members. with  2 U.S.A. stamps.  Very Good £45

150 expedition postcard  SPEDIZIONE "AUSANGATE - AMAZZONAS 89" CAI BO   1989   Expedition postcard signed 3 team members.   Very Good £25

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166 First Day Cover  50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST ASCENT OF MT. CHO OYU. 19th. Oct. 2004 Nepal Philatelic Bureau, Kathmandu. 2004    pictorial commemorative cover envelope with 4 Nepal R10 stamps showing Lhotse, Makalu, Manaslu and Annapurna.  Fine £25

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Official flag of Scoiattoli of Cortina [100 x 150 cms.] Summer 2004: the Scoiattoli of Cortina d’Ampezzo (the climbing guides of Cortina estabilished in 1939) climbed along the route of the first ascent to K2 established by the Italian expedition in 1954. accompanied by Lino Lacedelli, one of the two men who reached the top in 1954 (the other one was Achille Compagnoni). All the members of 2004 expedition signed this official flag of Scoiattoli of Cortina. Davide Alberti Marco Da Pozzo Mario Dibona Stefano Dibona  Mario Lacedelli Renato Sottsass Luciano Zardini Marco Anghileri Marco Sala Renzo Benedetti Fabrizio Spaziani Giuseppe Ghedina Lorenzo Lorenzi  and Lino Lacedelli. £250


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489 Weir T. EAST OF KATMANDU.   Oliver & Boyd. 1955 1st.  pp138.  91 plates, 2 cold. by the Author and Douglas Scott. 2 maps.  in dw Near Fine £24

490 Wexter A. THE THEORY OF BELAYING.   Mountain Craft.  c1960? 1st.  pp24.   orig. pict. wrappers.  Very Good £15

491 Whymper E. TRAVELS AMONGST THE GREAT ANDES OF THE EQUATOR.   John Lehmann.  1949 rpt.  pp272.  Ed. by F.S. Smythe.  in dw Near Fine £25

492 Wignall S. PRISONER IN RED TIBET. The Welsh Himalayan Expedition 1955. Hutchinson & Co.  1957 1st. pp264. 32 illus. text figs. e.p. maps. The title page is missing! orig. cloth gilt. not in Neate?? in dw Very Good- £15

493 Wilson E.L. MOUNTAIN CLIMBING. The Out of Door Library.  Charles Scribner's Sons. 1897 1st.  pp358.  frontis. and 80 illus. orig. cloth gilt.  Very Good- £32

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495 Wyatt C. THE CALL OF THE MOUNTAINS.   Thames & Hudson. 1952 1st.  pp96.  75 photogravure plates.   Very Good- £8

496 Younghusband Sir F. DAWN IN INDIA. British Purpose and Indian Aspiration. John Murray. 1934 1st. pp331.  orig. blue cloth gilt.  Very Good £15

497 Younghusband Sir F. EVEREST: THE CHALLENGE.   Thomas Nelson 1945 rpt.  pp240.  illus. maps. t.e.g. in dw Near Fine £15

498 Younghusband Sir F. EVEREST: THE CHALLENGE.   Thomas Nelson 1936 1st.  pp243.  frontis. 15 illus. 4 maps and diagrams. . in colour laser copy of original  in dw* Near Fine £35

499 Younghusband Sir F. THE EPIC OF MOUNT EVEREST.   Edward Arnold.  1939 school edition rpt.  pp319.  frontis. 7 plates. 2 maps. orig. blue cloth.  Very Good £8

500 Younghusband Sir F. THE EPIC OF MOUNT EVEREST.   Edward Arnold.  1942 rpt.  pp319.  16 plates. 2 maps.   Very Good £8

501 Younghusband Sir F. THE EPIC OF MOUNT EVEREST.   Edward Arnold.  1947 rpt.  pp319.  16 plates. 2 maps.  in dw Very Good £12

502 Younghusband Sir F. THE EPIC OF MOUNT EVEREST.   Edward Arnold.  1934 8th.  pp319.  frontis. 15 plates. 2 maps. top of sp. split.  Very Good- £15

503 Younghusband F. THE LIGHT OF EXPERIENCE. A review of some men and events of my time. Constable. 1927 1st. pp304. map. orig. cloth gilt. worn.  Good. £18

504 Younghusband Capt. G.J. and Capt. F. E. THE RELIEF OF CHITRAL.  Macmillan and Co. 1895 1st. pp183. map and illus. [2 fold.] orig. red cloth gilt design.  Very Good £85

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506 Younghusband Sir F. WONDERS OF THE HIMALAYA.  John Murray. 1924 rpt. pp210. frontis. map. orig. cloth gilt. school prize motif and label.  Very Good £18

507 Zawada A.  POLISH First Mt. Everest Winter Expedition 1979-80  issued by The Nepal Philatelic Society. 1980   Expedition postcard SIGNED by the leader and 2 summiteers, Cichy and ? pictorial envelope with summit red cache and Mt. Everest 25p stamp. and 2 pages of narrative.  Very Good £40

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